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Discount Subscriptions for the General Aviation App are available here.

The Retail price for the 1-year subscription purchased in the App is $29.99.

The discount price available here is $24.99.

You save $5.

Pay Pal and credit cards are accepted.

Click the Add To Cart button below,
then follow the instructions.

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1 Year General Aviation App Subscription

Please read the instructions below, they are needed to install the subscription!
Also please remember the Email you use during the purchase, it will be needed to install the subscription.

After the subscription is purchased you must Restore the Subscription on your iPad, iPhone, Android device or Windows 10.

The Email used during the purchase is the key to the Subscription and is used to perform the Restore on your device.

The initial password is set to the word: password.

If you already have a registered subscription you will use the existing password.

To Restore/Install the Subscription on your device:

1. Go to the Subscription page in the App
2. Click/Tap Register & Restore
3. Enter your Email and Password
4. Click/Tap Register/Restore
5. This will initiate the download and install of the Subscription. An Internet connection is required to install the Subscription. The download should be complete in just a few seconds.

Click one of the buttons below to download the App from one of the three App Stores.

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