CFI Tools

The Trends App is used to view Trends for the previous 36 hours and the Forecast for the next 48 hours for the list of Favorite Airports.

Use this screen to review Aviation Flight Category (AFC)(VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR and Unknown) Wind, Gust, Temperature, Dew Point, Ceiling and visibility.

The weather trends are shown for the list of favorite METAR stations. The Favorites list can be updated on the Options page.

Tap the Refresh button to update the displayed trends with the latest available METARS and MOS forecast

PLEASE NOTE: The source of the METARs used in this App is NOAA’s National Weather Service Aviation Weather Center. It can be found here:

If the METAR station cannot be found on this site, it will not be available.


Windows 10

Cessna 172-S Skyhawk N677JA
Otis Cove
Crab Claw Spit
Manteo, NC