CFI Tools
Route WX

The Route Weather App is used to display METAR and TAF data for a specified Route. The Route is defined as a line between two airports and all METAR stations within a given radius of that line.

For example, you want to see all the weather on the route between Washington and Boston and all weather within 100 miles of that route.

The Route WX shows the same weather seen on the Current WX, Area WX and METAR pages. It is displayed here in a different format that gives the user a different perspective. The colored boxes highlight the flight category by region.

A quick look at the aviation flight categories along the route gives a nice overview of current conditions.

The Route WX funtion is only in the iOS version of the GA App.


Cessna 172-S Skyhawk N3504L
Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO)
Leesburg, VA