CFI Tools

CFI Tools was founded to develop and support iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Windows software. These devices are terrific mobile platforms that are perfect for Flight Instructors and Pilots. The applications that I’ve developed for my use on these devices are purposely kept simple.

I built these apps for my own use as a pilot and CFII. I have been making regular updates to the Apps based on my needs and customer requests. I intend to continue making these updates and to create more Apps.

I’ve been making planning software for Windows for a number of years under the name Edgemont Systems. This software, called WxCheck, helps to consolidate and simplify much of the information needed to plan a flight. This includes weather, flight plans, scheduling and more.

Many of you have used the WxCheck application under Windows and will recognize that it was the foundation for the General Aviation App.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or requests to improve the Apps. I’m always ready to make them better. Many of your fellow pilots have asked for a nice list of changes and additions. That is why the list of Apps and devices supported keeps growing.

This started with just a couple Apps for the Windows PC in 2006, then a few Apps in 2009 on the iPhone. In 2010 iPad and Windows Phone 7 were added and in 2011, Android. The Windows 8.1 Apps were added in early 2015, and Windows 10 in 2016. When the weather keeps me on the ground I will continue to make the list grow.

The pictures on this web site are from flights I’ve made, mostly around Virginia.

Click on any of the pictures to see the full resolution version.

Gordonsville Airport KGVE
Gordonsville, VA
Cessna 172-P Skyhawk N53051